Have you ever wondered what it's like to get veggies from our farm? This video takes a fun look at this process.




In 2017 we decided to open up another acre of ground (taking our acreage from five to six). This will allow us better rotations and the ability to expand a little. Check out this video of dueling tractors. The John Deere tractor is an antique tractor and plow. Its a 2 bottom plow, 14 inch width. The tractor is from the 1940s. The newer red tractor is pulling a harrow to even out the ground after plowing. This year this acre will be planted in potatoes. Subsequent years it will likely be planted in squash and onions.

Wild Woods Farm was started in 2010. After five years renting at one location we moved to a new location closer to Iowa City. This video shows the set up of the new farm. The process of building the new barn and greenhouse on the farm are highlighted. The new location was a corn field for 30 years. In 2015 it was converted to alfalfa and then in 2016 we started planting veggies. It's exciting to see land be regenerated with organic practices. We have kept a lot of the grass to help prevent erosion and only plant on the least erodible areas.