What’s in a share? Weekly veggie list by month:

Subscribe to a local vegetable service designed to help your family delight in healthy eating. Weekly receive just the right amount of seasonal, hand selected, organically grown vegetables. For the entire, June through September season (16 weeks), the cost is a simple flat fee of $450. Recipes are provided to help you integrate the organically grown produce into your life. We provide optimum freshness. The vegetables are harvested by Farmer Kate and her crew, the SAME DAY you receive them!

Delightful and Surprising!

"I joined the CSA because the highlight of coming in to work on Thursdays is seeing what surprises I will have in my share. I LOVE the variety and trying out veggies that I don't grow in my own garden." -Julie M.

Easy: Healthy Eating Made Easy!

"I joined Wild Woods CSA because I was looking for fresh, local, organic produce for my family without having to navigate the weekly farmers market crowds and without spending my whole paycheck. Not only has Wild Woods fit that bill but it continues to expose me to new produce and new recipes that keeps eating healthy fun and new!" Tori L.

Know Your Farmer Know Your Food!

"Knowing who grows our vegetables, where and how is a gift and having Kate as our playful and determined farmer is yet beyond all that"  - Martha S.